Hello, and welcome to my weblog.

My magickal name is Isha and I am a mage. My strengths are in healing, banishment, divination, visualization, and astral travel. The element which I attune to strongest is ice. I have been displaying magickal abilities since I was very young and have been studying and training myself in the magickal arts and sciences since my college days. I am also a therianthrope. My astral form is a gryphon.

I created this blog to help other practitioners of magick by supplying useful information in the areas which I have studied. This is intended to be a personal library and not a journal or record of my own experiences in working with magick. This weblog will be updated periodically with new information on various subjects, ranging from simple spells and rituals to methods of divination and astrology.

I thank you again for visiting my weblog, and I hope you find it useful in your magickal studies.



2 responses to “Introduction

  1. Rowan

    What a wonderful, sacred grove to wander into on my travels. Thank you so much. I will return often for refreshing. The invocations are very pure in their physical rhyming and astral construction. Very solid tools to use. Again, thank you. All the Best, Rowan

  2. Amaryllis


    Just dropped by to walk though your magickal library. I am looking for a very important healing spell for a poppet that I must make, to help someone I love with an illness that is truly unknow to the doctors and medical community for which he has experienced (Oklahoma medical kind of sux, forgive the wording there) He is a good man, an honorable man and one who deserves his health because he has much left to do. If you have any ideas it would be great to hear from you.

    Peace and magickal blessings to you.


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