The Moon

The strength behind many spells you’ll find will usually depend on the phase of the Moon. Understanding the Moon and its phases helps novice mages to learn more about magickal timing, which also involves the Sun, other planets, the seasons, and even the weather. The Moon’s current phase will ultimately determine which direction the energies flow in your spellwork.

In school, you were probably taught the four main phases of the Moon. A Moon which is reflecting no light because it is between the Earth and the Sun is called a New Moon. The next phase is the First Quarter and has the Moon half illuminated and half in shadow. The third phase, where the Moon is reflecting the most light towards you from the Sun and therefore is appearing to be at its largest, is called the Full Moon. The last phase which follows Full and precedes New is called the Third Quarter, and is similar to the First Quarter except that now the opposite side is lit while the other is dark.

In magick, there are really only two phases: waxing and waning. A Moon which is on its way from New to Full is waxing, or growing larger, not only in apparent size but also in power and influence. When the Moon is getting smaller as it moves from Full to New, it is waning. During the waxing stage, power is flowing strongly inward; this is the best time to perform spells meant to attract things toward you, or to build things, make things grow, or create new positive change. The days of the Full Moon are the time when we make our harvest, hold celebrations, give thanks, or perform fertility blessings. During the waning period is when energy is flowing away and negative energy may be sent along with it, as this is the time for spells that banish unwanted things, reverse harmful spells used against us, or undo spells that are no longer needed. The New Moon is when we take stock and find out what we need to prepare for our next venture.

The Moon represents the Female force, as opposed to the Male Sun. It is also passive and introverted. Where the Moon was at the time of your birth determines your relationship with yourself; your emotions, mental workings, and how you react to situations. Those born under a Full Moon are more outgoing than those who are born under a New Moon, while the latter are also usually more intuitive than the former.

Aries Moon – Focus on the self, beginnings

Taurus Moon – Focus on possessions, financial matters

Gemini Moon – Focus on communication, writing

Cancer Moon – Focus on home, security

Leo Moon – Focus on pleasures, entertainment

Virgo Moon – Focus on work, health

Libra Moon – Focus on partnerships, marriage

Scorpio Moon – Focus on transformation, the occult

Sagittarius Moon – Focus on religion, philosophy

Capricorn Moon – Focus on career, honor

Aquarius Moon – Focus on friends, organizations

Pisces Moon – Focus on karma, revelations

Correspondences for the Moon include the goddess Diana, the metal silver, the element water, the sign Cancer, and the menstrual cycle.

Therefore, we understand that not only does the phase of the Moon matter in the timing of certain spells, we also know that the sign in which the Moon resides is also an important factor. One more major element of Moon magick is what month of the year the Full Moon comes up in. There are usually only 13 Full Moons in a year.

January – Wolf Moon
A time for planning changes.

February – Storm Moon
A time for cleansing and releasing.

March – Chaste Moon
A time for inspiration.

April – Seed Moon
A time for planting the seeds of magick.

May – Hare Moon
A time to celebrate life and love.

June – Dryad Moon
A time to celebrate nature.

July – Mead Moon
A time for relaxation.

August – Corn Moon
A time for harvesting and storing.

September – Harvest Moon
A time for giving thanks.

October – Blood Moon
A time for seeking protection.

November – Snow Moon
A time for inner growth.

December – Oak Moon
A time to celebrate the warmth of the Sun.

Blue Moon
The mysterious 13th Full Moon of the year with no set month. A time for doing something out of the ordinary.


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