Shielding, although a basic exercise, is one of the most important magickal exercises. Connected to Fire, this exercise gives people the power to protect themselves from negative, chaotic, or other unwanted energies which could disturb their focus. It is therefore essential that anyone wishing to practice magick should learn how to shield themselves properly.

Any element may be used in shielding as long as it can be visualized with the strongest force of your will. Nothing should be able to pass through your shield unless you will it to. In order to form a shield that will protect you from all directions, you must visualize a point of light at your center, transforming into a glowing sphere, spreading outward with nothing inside but positive energy. Allow this sphere to continue to expand outside your body until it contains you completely, perhaps with a foot or so of space between it and your body. At this point you may visualizing it transforming into whatever protective element you wish. It is possible to assemble multiple layers of shielding for special purposes, such as invisibility combined with a force to repel negative forces which might stray too close.

There are several different objects associated with shielding, including crystals, talismans, amulets, and charms. Remember that talismans are different from amulets in that they attract whatever energy you need whereas amulets are set to banish whatever energy you wish to keep away. Charms written on paper, usually with a special ink or in a magickal language, are also used for basic protection. Crystals used for shielding include bloodstone, red jasper, and diamond. Incense used for shielding include dragon’s blood, rosemary, and basil.


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