This is a very basic exercise, the purpose of which is to prepare the body, mind, and astral self for performing magick. It connects you directly to the Earth so that you may siphon away negative energy, drain off excess energy, draw in healing energy, stabilize your energy levels, and find your inner balance.

The manner in which this exercise is done varies from person to person. For example, to establish a connection to Earth, some people choose to come in direct contact with the element. These people may take off their shoes and go barefoot, or sit down and place their hands on the ground. There are also others who would rather run their fingers through a bowl of salt, or hold a rock or crystal in their hands. Some others may prefer working in a garden.

For those who are good at visualization, they may prefer a method of grounding which involves elongating the root chakra and having it sink down into the Earth. Others may prefer visualizing a stream of water or light pouring down into their forehead, straight down through their body and into the ground.

I myself prefer an astral method. I shift partially into my gryphon form, only allowing my tail to materialize on the astral plane. Since my gryphon form is very large, the tail is long enough to extend a good distance downward. I then drop the tail down into the ground and establish my link thus.

Common scents used to help with grounding include myrrh, sandalwood, patchouli, and musk. Common stones used are opaque, dark stones such as tiger’s eye and obsidian. Common colors used include dark, subdued, earthy tones such as green, brown, and black.


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