Cleansing is a basic exercise which involves the Water element. People use cleansing to remove negative energy from their bodies, minds, and astral selves so that they can be more open to positive forces and be more focused in their spellwork. Although the basic premise involves the purifying properties of water, other elements may be used in its stead.

For people who prefer coming in contact with water for cleansing, special herbal baths may be used. Baptism in blessed water is a form of cleansing, as may be the ice-water bathing rituals of the Polar Bear Club. Most cleansing rituals found online involve visualization of the negative energy leaving the body through the pores of the skin and dispersing in the water. The negative energy is then sent down the drain into the earth when the bath is emptied and the ritual completed.

A second option involves pure visualization. People who prefer a non-physical cleansing may imagine a stream of water pouring down into their crown chakra, through the body, washing away negative energy. Others may imagine a stream of light, a blazing fire, or a strong, warm wind removing this energy from the body.

Colors associated with cleansing include cool, deep colors such as blue, purple, or indigo. Incense used for cleansing include sage, juniper, or majoram. A good stone for cleansing is the clear quartz, which can draw in and contain negative energy, but will also have to be washed with water or sea salt in order to be used again.


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