Centering is another basic magickal exercise which helps you to find your inner balance. Having the ability to establish yourself as a singularity before attempting spellwork makes it easier to attract helpful energy as well as banish harmful energy. With your mind, body, and astral self in one place in space and time, your energies won’t be scattered in confusion and chaos.

Several methods of centering involve breathing, which is why I have linked this exercise with the element of Air. By sitting quietly, listening only to one’s own breath, visualizing the self being alone in a safe, soothing, and secure environment, a sense of inner peace may be achieved.

Some examples of protective environments include the interior of a closed lotus blossom, a warm cave, or a blue crystal-filled grotto. Since most of this energy is directed at the solar chakra, which is yellow and is located in the stomach, some people visualize a safe space as a dwelling inside their stomachs.

Like most exercises, this may take some practice in order for it to be readily effective.

Incense, oils, and other scents commonly used to help with centering include frankincense, amber, and sweetgrass. Crystals commonly used for centering include citrine, yellow jasper, and golden calcite.


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