The Druid’s Prayer

Originally composed by Iolo Morganwg.

Dyro, Dduw, dy nawdd;
ac yn nawdd, nerth;
ac yn nerth, deall;
ac yn neall, gwybod;
ac o wybod, gwybod yn gyfiawn;
ac o wybod yn gyfiawn ei garu;
ac o garu, caru Duw.
Duw a phob daioni.

Grant, God, thy refuge;
and in refuge, strength;
and in strength, understanding;
and in understanding, knowledge;
and from knowledge, knowledge of what is right;
and from knowledge of what is right, the love of it;
and from loving, the love of God.
God and all goodness.


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Gryphon Power

Power of the gryphon light

Make me one too strong to fight

I am good, I am light

Help me shine throughout the night

Increase my power by sacred three

Ancient power I summon thee

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Gryphon Protection

By the gryphon’s light on this (month) night

I call to thee to give me your might

By the power of three I conjure thee

To protect that which surrounds me

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Productive Day

Gryphon spirit be with me this day

As I go forth to seek knowledge

Guide my path and let my mind be open

So shall it be

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Banishing Pests

Sprinkle pepper where the pests usually appear.

(Name of pest, name of pest) go away
With this pepper that I lay
Don’t return another day
From whence ye came there shall ye stay

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Eye of the Gryphon

This spell is used to enchant a crystal hagstone to serve as a talisman of true sight. Suggested crystals include tiger’s eye, brecciated jasper, sodalite, clear quartz, and sunstone.

Gryphon’s eye, clear my mind
Rid me of distraction
Calm my mind and focus me
So I can take true action

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Scrying Enchantment

Scrying magick I call to thee

Enchant this (item) so I might see

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